The BlueFish In-house design service - it's brilliant and it's free!

There is no way to say this without sounding somewhat arrogant, but here goes; the BlueFish design studio is by far the best and most comprehensive in the whole of the promotional industry.

What do we offer?

Our studio looks after your brand.

Rather than taking a logo and just placing it onto a product, we look at the best way to reflect your corporate image.  Sometimes it's simple and other times we will make recommendations as to how to see your logo on an item and sometimes we might even suggest using a different product.

It's all about making sure that the products we produce are reflective of your brand. 

Corporate Guidelines

Where clients have set corporate guidelines or a 'brand book', we aim to become guardians of this and will always work within these restraints.  This works best when we are able to liaise with Marketing or Communications teams to ensure that we produce precisely what clients are expecting and what is permitted.

Bespoke Products

Our studio team have a vast background in design, with a specialisation for bespoke products.  

In promotional terms this often relates to bespoke bags (which could be for specific products, specified colours, unusual sizes, specific materials etc.), metal goods (such as custom-shaped keyrings, badges and pins) and plastic injection moulded items (such as water bottles, keyrings, rulers and coasters).

In reality our studio can design anything that is in your imagination, and our production team will get it made!

Free service

We are pleased to offer 90% of our design work free of charge, we would have to create artwork to enable us manufacture the the product, so we do not pass this charge on to our customers.

The only time that we may make a charge is for a completely bespoke complicated product where there are no technical drawings in existence. We would always quote on this before commencing and this service is usually refundable upon placement of an order for that product - so it's really still free!


You can download our artwork guidelines here >>>>